What is CC, AOE, Blink, Buff, Burst in Mobile Legends | Explained | Beginners Guide


In this video I have explaned CC, AoE, Blink, Buff, Burst of mobile legends. Watch once it is very helpful for beginners.

Game: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang / MLBB
Supported Platform: Android & iOS


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Topic: CC (Crowd Control), AOE (Area of Effect), Blink, Buff, Burst

Type: Tutorial Video, beginners Guide

Subtitles: English Subtitles

Language: Audio in Hindi


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Elektronomia – Vitality [NCS Release]


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  1. Thanks bro it's a nice video hope this helps people to find what they need
    – cc 0:32
    – aoe 2:18
    – blink 3:29
    – buff 4:36
    – burst 5:24

  2. The video is good but One thing I must add, Tigreal has cc skills in all his abilities. U can check MLBB wiki(Fandom). Tigreal is one of my favourite Tank, so, this one should be corrected.

  3. I like how you put some subtitles for Other countries to understand…..
    I commend you👍
    Now heres a youtuber that cares for he's viewers

  4. I come here for Minsitthar which his ulti denies Blink. I dont know what Blink is and I think its any skill that involves escaping?

  5. Gosh! Thanks for the info. Now my ML friends won't laugh at me because I already know the meaning of this things


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