S7 LoL Coaching #43 – Darius Top (Silver)


One of my recent coaching sessions for a Silver Darius. Let me know in the comments below which champions you’d like to see featured in my coaching series.
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  1. What's up with the new ads that last ages and you can't skip. I feel like they started off slow over the years and now they're going all out. Not cool. Subscribed btw, good content coach, thank you.

  2. Champs I'd like to see.
    More junglers
    Occasional ADC.

    Change mic volume and pitch… you have a low voice like mine and the BASS is really high.

  3. Hi Neace , If you respond to this comment cool if not that's ok cause i know you're a busy man , I'm struggling getting anywhere in terms of gaining LP , i have been constantly playing split push champions like jax and tryndamere but i can never get anywhere because my team for some odd reason never takes objectives and flames me when i get collapsed on by 4 or 5 man from the enemy team and die.. pretty much 90% of my games this occurs.. any tips ?or advice of any sort ?

  4. 21:36 i know why he did it. everyone in silver does this. he is scared shitless of the jungler. the REAL problem is that he doesnt pay attention to the minimap here. the Minimap is so damn important, but alot of coachers just assume that players are looking at it, which is NOT the case especially in silver. 100% the guy wasnt looking at his minimap, had no clue if elise was there or not, and thus backed off scared of elise because in his mind the ONLY reason shen would do such a play is if elise is around, which turned out to not be the case. If he was looking at his minimap he wouldnt have been so scared. Minimap awareness is the FIRST thing coachers should teach low elo players, and it saddens me that no one does it. You would be surprised how little people pay attention to the minimap even in diamond. something that should be as basic as checking the tab screen but is rarely ever looked at because of tunnel vision.

  5. The background noise and even your voice was EXTREMELY loud in the lower register! If you can reduce the bass a little on your recording, I think that would help a lot.

  6. @NEACE 25:10 why are you not saying that he sould be moving with Shen again ? there is like 2 seconds of Darius stading stil where he could have moved to shen's tower and got the one aa more that he needed and then having the ult reset for Elise or yasu ? i'd like to hear your thoughts

  7. Is there any other youtuber who is coaching pretty well. I would like to see someone who is coaching especially midlane, because I play mid. If there is someone please tell me, I want to get better in this game.

  8. Playing front line is mostly about controlling zones in team fights. This replay was a perfect example of the opposite of what to do.

  9. hey neace!
    how do i sign up for the coaching list?
    i am diamond 4 on euw (main top) and i think an analysis of my gameplay would really help me out

  10. just wanted to comment to say I love your coaching videos, and love trying to master all your tips and tricks while being safe from making the same bone head mistakes in front of ya hahaha. Keep up the hard work bruddah

  11. I love that comment about getting into goofy fights and ruining waves you were winning with. Figuring that part out really helped through gold.

  12. me as a high plat player vs low elo players in normals when they play dashy champions like riven, shen, fiora and when they use their escape offensively, as a nasus main, if I have sheen and ult, R E Q, wither when they try to run, and pretty much a free kill.


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