S7 LoL Coaching #38 – Darius Top (Plat 5)


We break down a Darius vs. Jayce matchup, talking about lane control, itemization, split pushing, and mindset.
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  1. ok neace,here i am; random dude on the internet. ive been subscribed for quite some time now and i am watching your old videos now,so im really late to comment here,yet i feel like i rly need to tell u while watching this. your commentary is awesome,your gameplay is awesome,your game knowledge is awesome. you are a true legend of leagues.

  2. Does anyone know a good CS guide for Darius or general? I'm in woodleague and unable to consistently get 65cs by 10min. Do I just need to play more? Do some customs to CS? Am I retarded?

  3. I played Vainglory before switching to LoL I'm high tier in Vainglory and the way he coaches sound exactly like me coaching my friends XD Your vids help me a lot thx NEACE

  4. +NEACE As a toplaner, where are some good spots to catch a jungler rotating to gank your lane, before the standard tri and river bush, as those don't give much time to react. I know of the blue buff spot, but any other areas that people use often.

  5. You are the voice in my head saying no when i buy trinity over BC, when i buy DD over deadmans , when i go for the penta over the turret.

  6. So 2 things I noticed that are confusing. 1 – Referencing that 1v3 when he got collapsed on as he was taking the t1 bot lane tower. Why not keep kiting them all toward allied tower (since he was almost there anyway) and try to snag them with an E and play that fight out with a little tower bolt action. They took the t1 right after they killed darius anyways. Not sure if it would have made much of a difference, but 3 relatively squish champs like that, i would have at least attempted to draw them in to force them to tower dive me. If nothing else, the confusion of who wants to tank turret bolts might have been enough to extend the fight to get a 5 stack on someone. 2 – What is up with the fear of udyr all game? I feel like i can reliably smash udyr any time i am in the mood for it, judging from past experiences. Its not like udyr is even on par with darius right now as far as trading 1v1 is concerned. Darius here even had the level advantage and proved to easily dispatch udyr when he finally did commit to the all in up top toward the end of the game.

  7. Deaths dance darius is really good vs tankier teams cause tanks cannot kill you with that item but va dmg teams, tank after clever is better

  8. you said it yourself neace with deaths dance. With the new damage reduction it's broke especially on Darius with his Q's healing. Well arguably bad before you finish the recipe it's probably currently his most core item.

  9. i thought n3ac3y was always about the "hard carry push out your lead" thing with items, you get kills you get damage o.0

  10. Noob question. Does the mastery that gives bonus damage to nearby allies work with summoned pets? Because I thin the way its worded suggests that it works even with allied minions.

  11. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm surprised, you didn't mention the Herald. The guy is 3/0 at 10 mins, with the jungler, they could easily get it, and apply for snowball. Jayce is really behind at this point, so the enemy would had to send another player, which means less problem for teamates.

  12. Hi, Neace. At around 7:12, you mentioned freezing the lane as Jayce. How do you keep the freeze going without bullying your opponent and running out of mana?

  13. Neace could you do a tutorial, or guide me a good up to date tutorial on wave management? I'm thinking mainly freezing

  14. Hey neace I'd like to Submit a Replay aswell. could you tell ne how to Enter your Coaching ? I can't watch your stream cuz i live in EUW

  15. Really helpful coaching thanks!
    Problem with that Darius B-Line is that your fucking team be like "omg report top never with team" when they lose something while you are pushing ahead of them. And then they will keep that forever as an excuse for playing like shit and say "ff we are 4V5".

  16. Hey neace, i was wondering, and i know its a random question, but is the tank fizz top supposed to be played as a split pusher?

  17. Hey dude, love your stuff. I am really digging these vids but I am having a hard time finding current coaching sessions for the support roll. If you could help a homie out that would be sick.

  18. Darius main over 200k points in plat, would have been much better to go into either deadmans, zzrot or randuins after he finished tabi+cleaver. I find zzrot to be a highly underrated item, even just getting the raptors cloak early and finishing later for that surprise movement speed near turrets. It's very useful especially if get the phage proc on a minion right before chasing/escaping. Also I think stormraiders has some merit in this matchup if you are going to opt for a higher risk damage build. If you go standard dorans shield then fervor all the way.

  19. Hey Neace. Learning a lot from you. I'd love a video on how to play as a team mate with a split pusher. A lot of the time I don't know where I should be to help them out.


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