S+ HOW TO PLAY KARMA SUPPORT | Best Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | League of Legends


Dark Star Karma Support Guide Gameplay with Tips ►0:00 Build 0:04 Runes
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  2. This is GREAT!!🤯
    I started playing karma using this build in support and I have just had straight A or S. And I'm actually enjoying playing with this champ (*cough*cough* sett).
    Keep up the great gameplay.
    And If u get the time, more karma gameplay would be much appreciated😁

  3. great game.

    can you pls visit my channel and asses my style of game using my favorite SONA?
    I need your advice or any suggestion

    I really appreciate it
    thank you
    great day
    god bless

  4. Why did u take celerity over transcendance? Also why did u not take magical boots? Explanation would be greatly appreciated as these are my standard runes for karma sp

  5. Me after getting an S+: 😃😆☺️🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩😎🤯😮😵😵😵😧😧
    Eternal after getting an S+: hope you learn something from karma see you guys next time


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