Review: Ronin Elite Tang Dao (Chinese sword, 7th – 9th century)


*** Specifications ***

Overall length: 100 cm (39.37 in)
Blade length: 72 cm (28.35 in)
Blade thickness: 7 mm near the handle, tapering down to 5.5 mm near the point
Point of balance: 15 cm (5.9 in) from the handle
Weight: 1075 g (2 lbs 6 oz)

Blade material: Folded and differentially hardened 1095 high carbon steel
Handle wrap: Ray skin
Construction: Pinned

Price: 875 USD

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Sturdy assembly, tight fit
+ Beautiful decorations, flawless finish
+ Very sharp edge
+ Light weight but enough blade presence for powerful cuts

– Abrasive, unpleasant handle texture
– Jarring hand shock from hard blade impacts
– Blade tends to bend from rough use (common drawback of differential hardening)

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  1. Actually this kind of knife, it is belong to the military, with durable and practical give priority to, sharpness is general, because the edge Angle.

    Also, see some comments about the Chinese culture and history, mostly is wrong! :(

  2. This is the ancestor of the Japanese sword, because when the ancient Japanese fought, few of soldiers had metal armor, so the Japanese Just need a sharper sword to kill the enemy more easily. SO,Katana is sharper

    But Chinese soldiers need to break armor all the time during the war, which is the purpose of Tang Dao's design.

  3. This is not a traditional Tang Dao. A traditional Tang Dao has straight blade, this one looks like a combination of katana and Tang Dao. Also most traditional Tang Dao is a little shorter.
    这不是传统的唐刀。传统的唐刀剑身是直的,这个看上去像日本武士刀和唐刀的结合… 而且传统唐刀会较短一些。

  4. Bullshit, the sword in the video is actually a modern fabrication. The Tang dao more known as kara-tachi stored in japan is straight as hell reflecting her central asian/sasanian connections
    Sword from japan:

    Sasanian sword and kara-tachi side by side

    The katana's forerunner is

    Written as 太刀, not 大刀

  5. 唐刀制作工艺先进,性能好!但是在战乱频繁的古代中国被淘汰了,因为频繁的战争相对便宜、制作周期短的廉价刀更适合装配军队。所谓,劣币驱逐良币!

  6. Ancient Asian culture were all inspirational to each other, same to there weapon, I won't use the word 'copy', the tang Dao are kind relate to both Japanese and Mongolian sword. But yeah, tang Dao came out first.

  7. There is a Tangdao in the exhibition in Japan. It was sent as a gift to the Japanese emissary back then, and I believe that one exhibited a curved edge.

  8. I went to a medevil festival

    they made great swords for under 400 dollars

    If your sword breaks they promise to replace it

    they we’re able to cut into iron anvil without chipping and venting

  9. The body of Tang Dao is not bent outward, but inward, which can increase the intensity of slaughter. This is contrary to the Japanese knife.

  10. The is not the real Tang Dao It's not really the same to the original Tang Dao because we lost the technology that people in Tang dynasty used to made the sword

  11. Did you know that pizza was invented by the Chinese. Chinese pizza look very similar to Italian pizza except that it was made of rice flour, did not have cheese and tomato, and was steamed instead of baked like Italian pizza … Oh yeah, the toppings were sandwiched between two pieces of flat rice buns.
    The Chinese also invented ketchup in 300BC with the main ingredient being fish and it was a brown liquid instead of red tomato paste.
    Recently according to Chinese media, Xinhua, China invented the high-speed rail, electronic payment, bike sharing and online shopping.


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