Making the Devil Sword Dante! – Devil May Cry 5 | Master & Apprentice


Thanks to Capcom for sponsoring this episode and for more info on Devil May Cry 5 click this link:

Marcus and Adam tackle their most challenging build to date, the Devil Sword Dante from Devil May Cry 5.
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  1. Is there a way to make a lighter usable version of this prop? Using things like eva foam, dowel rods, etc.

  2. Can you guys do devil may cry animated rebellion version? Not the fifth one I was happy how the horns were coming out of the eyes

  3. I'm supposed to be answering YouTube comments right now, but the watch page knows me well and shoved this hunk of beauty in my face… very nicely done! Holy crow. Nico would be proud.

  4. You guys did a great job. You took your time and really nailed the details. This installment of the game is probably the best in the series! Great job again!!


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