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Drew Moerlein: This is Flip Cup, also known as Flippy Cup in some parts of the world, not in my home. What you’re gonna need is a bunch of cups, a bunch of friends. Anywhere from two to 10 friends, somewhere around there. Two or 10 per team, so four to 20 players. You could play one on one, if you’re looking to get shwasty.

So you’re going to line up your cups, you’re gonna to line them up just like this, on the opposite side of the table. The teams line up on both sides of the table and each person has their cup. You put a bunch of beers in the middle of the table, just for refillers. And you’re going to fill your beer, you’re going to fill your glass up about, it depends on how intense you want to go, you’ll realize after the first few games that filling it up to here every game is probably not a wise decision, depending on how you define wise. I would fill it up about a quarter to a third, you know, you can go a little less if you really want to play a ton of games and not get wasted. You’re gonna fill the glasses up. And how the game is gonna work. You’re gonna line up across from an opponent, that is the person who you are essentially chugging against. The first two people go. Boat races, boat races, let’s drink a cup. Boat races, boat races, let’s get f’d up. Boom. And they chug their cup.

Group of speakers: Five, six, seven, eight. Boat races, boat races, let’s drink a cup. Boat races, boat races let’s get f’d up.

Drew: It goes up, down, up and you cheers each time. Up, down, up. So, boat races, boat races let’s drink a cup. Boat races, boat races let’s get f’d up. And then you chug your cup, put it down and flip it. So as soon as this cup flips and lands, this person can go. Until that moment, this person cannot touch their cup. You can not have your hand on your cup, waiting to go, you have to have your hands on your lap. As soon as you see this cup land. And those are players.

Group of speakers: Yes! Yes! Yes! Go!

Drew: Those are the different players playing. So I flip mine, finish it, the next person can touch their cup, after mine lands. Does it, flips it. Next person, as soon as this cup lands, drink down. Once all the cups go and then it gets back to the last person, say we started here, all the way down to the end of the team, back to first person, they finish. The first team to finish, boom, we win. Yay! And then you go like this, flip all your cups back over, take your beer, fill ’em up. Fill ’em all up, get ready, take as much time as you want and then you move down a person. Change the person who’s starting and go. And that’s Flip Cup.


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  1. I'm from Washington and we just called this game "cups" and we didn't say the "boat races" saying, we did some weird thing with a hand pattern. I barely remember, it was like 6 years ago.

  2. never played flip cup and 10 years after graduating i realize that i was right .
    Maybe that's why he now makes videos on youtube and i'm an MD.

  3. Play at night with these mugs!

  4. I'm 16 and I play drinking games with my friends and get drunk. Still making A's and high B's in school. Problem?

  5. I need to give props to this guy. The words he used and avoided. He knows how to make something sound fun/cool

  6. Played this for the first time this weekend at my cousins party. We did girls Vs guys. about 9 or 10 on each team. I was the first guy in line. It was so much pressure! lol! I did it like a pro not knowing how 2 flip. The 7th guy who knew how to play messed us up & the girls won 🙁 #FunTimes 

  7. i cant wait for prom weekend to drink with friends and just have the time of our lives before we graduate..i know im gonna get fucked up during those 3 days shit is gonna wild during prom weekend

  8. Well, actually, an early tradition of Hebrews was to take psychedelic mushrooms. This is probably how they "witnessed" the parting of the sea or a few other things.
    either that or they were schizophrenic.

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  10. Sounds like Survivor might be a good variant to try. It's basically flip cup except the team that loses a round also loses a player in the next round (ex. first round: 4 vs 4; second round: 4 vs 3) but the number of cups stays the same. The eliminated player is decided by the team that won the round. The winning team is the one that eliminates all the players from the opposing team.


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