Full Age of Empires III OST


Age of Empires III (2005) was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The soundtrack was composed by Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan.


1. Noddinagushpa (Main Title) (0:00)
2. Across the Ocean Sea (1:11)
3. Get Off My Band (2:07)
4. Felonious Junk (5:14)
5. Ruinion (8:03)
6. A Pirate’s Temper (9:01)
7. I, Menevero (10:14)
8. Scruffy and Underfed (12:48)
9. Leisurely Brows (13:41)
10. A Hot Meal (16:58)
11. Bubble Chum (18:04)
12. Of Licious (18:54)
13. Rest with Us (21:41)
14. Get Ye Sum (22:12)
15. Where’s My Uncle? (25:30)
16. Muptop (26:20)
17. Meet These French (29:17)
18. Old Timer (29:58)
19. Major Rewrite / General Chunks (30:27)
20. Take His Toes (33:18)
21. Happy to You (34:00)
22. Camels, Straws, and Backs (36:57)
23. Years in the Making (37:54)
24. LastName Cranelchabod (38:34)
25. Ludus Perditus (41:47)
26. Niceterium (42:53)
27. (This is Weather/Decision Are Made) End Credits (43:46)

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  1. AOE4 will never take light until the world still slaved by NoM. Fans need to know the true history about WWI and WWII. Just spoke the true and imparthial echoes of the history and you will be slave today, we have no freedom of speech, no freedom of thinking near. Just understand why for example Libreria Europa in Barcelona was closed

  2. I think that maybe AOE 3 music was better than AOE2? I love them either way and I can't wait to get my hands on Age4 and the Definitive Editions

  3. 26:59

    Two of the best moments that I haven't seen in the comments. The second one 36:20 hits you like a brick right after giving you some AOE 2 nostalgia at 35:56.

  4. Never realized how much I played this as a kid, but when I can still hum every melody after a decade, kinda says something

  5. İn morning, when I'm going to bus station ı saw the bus and started to run. suddenly the next title "ruinion" started. Dtysgyrfgferbgurf

  6. Oh. My. God… the game music is so fucking underappreciated, this stuff is really amazing, and they had so many musicians to work for this, and the compositional structure is exceptional… I am just amazed with this, honestly
    I would really like the composers to see this to know that they are appreciated

  7. Аааа, мой слезы воспоминаний пошли ((((ГДЕ ТАКОЕ ИГРЫ КАК ТЫ, МОЁ СОЛНЫШКО????

  8. veo diversidad en los comentarios, donde esta la comunidad latina y española del age of empires?

  9. I love this soundtrack, but the song order just feels so… WRONG to me. Am I the only one who thinks that that? It's just such a strange transition from Old Timer to Major Rewrite/General Chunks, just for example.


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