Forged in Fire: Chinese Dao Tests (Season 5) | History


Masters and Apprentices put their Chinese Dao to the test, in this clip from Season 5’s episode, “Ultimate Team Challenge”. #ForgedInFire
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“Forged in Fire” features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of history’s most iconic edged weapons.

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  1. I think you guys need to go away and learn to cut with a Dao, he's swinging it like a baseball bat no-wonder he's not getting anywhere

  2. I feel like you're basically required to kill all of the advantages and disadvantages of your weapon and turn it into a generic sord to actually get the testers to test it in its full capacity

    apparently the technique shapes the weapon who would have thought

  3. Without Doug saying "…it will keel…" this show was only half the show it should be. Doug was fast becoming a star in his own right and was stealing the show..but above all…it will keel!

  4. Hay tenemos la evidencia una espada grande en manos de asiático es inservible por eso ocupaban almas pequeñas

  5. It sucks so bad when people make such a masterpiece and end up having to go how baded off such tiny insignificant falts in their blades, like can we just keep them all.

  6. Does one downward slash :

    You know this sword is so beautifully balanced and perfect in every way it’s incredibly easy to swing and keep a grip on if I could marry this sword I would it’s a work of art with zero flaws that could cut a hole in the very fabric of reality

  7. So they first damage the fkin blade and only then measure how evenly it cuts? Especially with a straight blade it just creates the chip in one place and then they try to cut with that damaged piece. The human factor in this is so tremendous that you can't even measure it, the comparison is bullsh*t. But then again, the curved blade looks much more practical in cutting so whatever.


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