Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY


The tense battle between Elon Musk and local health officials over the reopening of Musk’s Tesla factory in California is continuing, but both sides are moving closer to an agreement. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

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  1. 2,178 cases out of a 1.5 million population, Alameda County Corona cases where the Tesla Factory is at are pretty low.

  2. Thinking about this a car factory isnt a meat plant so it shouldnt be too unreasonable as long as measures are taken.

  3. if tesla folds what job would you have moron??? i hope tesla moves out of cali. completely and hurts their economy even more

  4. I trust the experience and knowledge of Elon Musk over the Democratic led California government. If he opens his factory, and nothing happens… Its proof Democrats are just pushing an agenda.

  5. When attracting manufacturers to California they probably use Tesla as like…the only example. And they want to put him at yet another disadvantage by doing business in California. No wonder that state's financial situation resembles that of a 3rd world despot.

  6. Your furlough has ended! But I don't want to get off the furlough. Your furlough has ended! But I don't feel safe. Your furlough has ended! But I think a lot and worry so that makes me smart. Your furlough has ended! But what about my wife and children. Your furlough has ended! I don't think I can return back to work knowing that it's not safe. You're fertile has ended stop yammering and get back to work. Lucky to be you do have a job. Your furlough has ended

  7. Ive been working during the entire lockdown, everyone of my collegues decided we want to work, so we did. And none of us have gotten sick. We didnt take a single day off throughout this entire stupid pandemic and were all fine

  8. TODAY Show – Again you are late to the PARTY.
    there is no Standoff, TESLA has Fully Restarted Production, and Alameda County "gave" Tesla permission to Restart, even though Tesla Restarted Production on its own.
    and ELON giving the Middle finger to Alameda County.

  9. Elon Musk please make coming to kenya your bucket list. We really love what you do. And living in the African tropic, nothing can be more exiting like being a member of your realization of a solar oriented world. THIS IS CRAZY, right, BUT WE ALL HAVE OUR CRAZY FANTASY. A HUG FROM YOU ..MEN WILL FEEL LIKE A RIDE ON FALCON !!

  10. I dont personally know anyone that has even gotten sick… I also dont know anyone that knows anyone that's gotten sick… however during a normal flu season I know lots of people that have gotten sick in the past. So I'm not convinced that this so called pandemic is even real.

  11. These guys who have a billion bucks think they are above the laws of the land even when a virus is killing people they only worry about their money. How much bigger will the second wave of the virus be when guys like this and old Trumpy get their way?????

  12. I think it's a good thing that we still have intelects in this world that see FASCISM for what it is – and understand how dangerous it is. These innocent SHEEPLE are always the ones that end up killing MILLIONS with their blind movements for the GOOD OF THE CAUSE.

  13. ridiculous.. musk making a free 1.2 billion in bank annual percentage rates just for having money in the bank.. and pretends he is gonna work too at 1000 dollar fine per day….. merchant class can only go so far and doesnt pass doctor the highest merchant class for importance to life… musk thinks people live to buy stuff… like rick and morty lmao.. he wants to you look into the bleeding jaws and say "YES DADDY PLEASE" please destroy my world and my life.. with CAPITALISM and ignore all the rules…
    who cares if you can lose your sense of smell never smelling a new born baby like myself recentely.. u dont need to experience this in life u just need to work and give me billions…

  14. You go girl… Seriously go girl. I hope you make a cheap car. Republicans can’t afford one of your overpriced vehicles.

  15. If that Tesla worker is too afraid to back to work, someone will take his spot. This is what health officials are creating…a new breed of crybabies!

  16. Hey Elon, make your factory safe for your employees! Have a plan. Keep your employees safe. IF YOU WANT TO YOU CAN HAVE YOUR WAY AND STILL BE A HERO!. Then you can sell more cars!

  17. Elon always follows through. He might deliver late, but he always delivers.
    A Fremont move was inevitable, in any case.
    iow, an unelected creature in Alemeda County just moved up the timeline. 😉
    Fremont is a repurposed facility, inefficient compared to the new gigafactories – no longer required to ship cars to China – it's now in the wrong location to service American consumers effectively, etc.
    Expect Fremont to reopen, temporarily, while Musk secures a new site in another state.
    Tesla has already proven they can build a gigafacory and have it operational w/i a year.
    Tesla also has $8 billion in cash, on hand.
    Enough to at build at least three or four gigafactories, with some cash leftover.
    Say goodbye to Tesla and 20,000 jobs, California.

  18. I want to volunteer to protect the factory from Kalifornia Fascists. We need Flynn to form a legion of citizen militias to exterminate the deep state.

  19. Elon Musk is well on his way to becoming Howard Hughes it won't be long before he's sitting in a bare naked in a hotel room in a chair, he's going off his rocker and no amount of money is going to help him when he does I'll just be a pathetic old man sitting in the chair naked in a hotel room

  20. Gabrielle go find a different job, maybe pelosi will pay you to stay at home! I mean Lord knows you don't want to catch the flu you better be unemployed

  21. Bravo for protecting your business and the jobs of thousands after you did what the Governor asked…shut down to kept the curve flat so hospitals could get ready. You did that. Now the officials say it's about the data. In that case, the data shows most won't have to go to the hospital. Solution…let high risk stay safe at home and let the rest get back to living and repairing the financial devastation. Thanks for taking a stand. It's time we all get back to work. You look at the total picture. Officials are only looking at things narrowly. I can see why you are so amazing.

  22. You got a hint he was going off the rails when he named his baby after a future “Star Wars” droid.

  23. This is the guy that called one of the hero's who rescued the boys in the cave in Thailand a pedo. He does not think before he acts. But then again he will need to build lot's of cars to pay for his upcoming lawsuit from the Diver. I hope the Diver wins. Such a disgusting thing to say about another person whom he would know nothing about.

  24. His great mission for humanity hit a bump , when his billions are put at risk.
    His opinions on china are also compromised, now he has a plant in china.

  25. He has an obligation to his employees and shareholders to keep everything afloat. I'm pretty sure he had to do this.

  26. I don’t care what Elon Musk thinks. We should just ignore him. Do we really need Teslas? Who is buying cars during a pandemic?


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