Dante's Father Gave His Secret Rebellion – Devil May Cry 5


Dante’s Father Leves him a Secret that leads him to unlish his true power. I am so in love with the writing of this game specially for dante, dude is never worried always making jokes and never in a bad mood unlike nero

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  1. Sooo… why did your father give you the rebellion again??

    The best i can come up with is the fact that he gave vergil the yamato, literally the only thing that separates both human and demon worlds from colliding with each other, he wanted to hand down that responsibility to vergil because he thought vergil is wise enough to wield such power and since Dante also needs a sword, sparda was like yeah you know what, imma hand this rebellion to you so that you won't fall behind. Or second reason is because Dante plays around too much and he wouldn't unlock his demon power unless it was given to him, so here's rebellion, you could absorb it later on and unlock your devil form kay

  2. Dante stabs himself ended up with demon power…
    Regular man stabs himself ended up with medical intention…LOL

  3. Sparda could never have foreseen the future.
    Yamato is probably the most unique sword out of three. So Sparda giving Yamato to Vergil was to prevent him from pursuing more power (I believe something like that was the intention,) but ended up setting him on the darker path, I think he saw Vergil to be too much like him.
    On the other hand, Sparda giving Rebellion, the least powerful sword, but a key to have all the power his son would need, was an insurance, I guess. Dante wearing red clothes just like Eva was says something about him.

    Sparda probably knew the twins would go on the different paths because of his demonic heritage.

  4. I think people have the wrong idea about Sparda. I actually think Sparda was more like dmc4 Nero. Gentle yet fierce, passionate and cared about people. Dante don't give a fuck if humans die. Contrary to popular belief, Dante is selfish. Vergil thinks he embraces his father's legacy by his devil instincts, but that's not what Sparda stood for.

  5. If the Yamato seperates man from demon, then A: I guess Urizen is pretty much how Dante would look like if he did the same and B: how does Vergil also now have that new demon form? I know V merged back with Urizen but wouldn't that make Vergil the same as before rather than giving him a new form?

  6. A great way to end Vergil's character arc would be him choosing to live as a human after realizing that being power hungry brought him nothing but pain and he lives a human life as V.

  7. Can someone explain de majin form from dmc2 ….its just like sin devil trigger if im not wrong…but now dmc2 time line its before dmc4 wtf ….explain please thanks

  8. How come in DMC4 when Nero threw the rebellion into Dante's chest at the very beginning he didn't unlock this DT? I always thought is it like some form of symbolism for virginity, every time he gets penetrated by his sword he unlocks a new power, or even those bloody elevators you use to traverse in DMC5 seem like a period-blood stained vagina. And those holes that you insert Nidhogg's into looks like either anus/vagina covered in smegma. Think about this during your DMD play through, essential mental preparation.


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