5 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You


— 5 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You

There’s no denying that phones are a big part of where we live our romantic lives. Since everyone and their mother seems to have and carry around a cell phone in today’s world, making a man obsess over you can be as easy as sending him the right text messages. But, what are the “right text messages” and which ones will have the opposite effect?

Hey ladies, Amy North here, welcome to my channel. As you may or may not already know I’m a relationship coach from the west coast of Canada and author of The Devotion System — a program I’ve designed to help women find and create the love lives they want and deserve. From being ready for love to locking down Mr. Right, the program covers every aspect of romantic relationships, so if you’re looking to improve yours then you may want to consider checking it out.

That aside though, today I want to share with you five types of text messages you can send men to make them obsessed with you. Yes, obsessed as in he won’t be able to eat, sleep or go about other daily tasks without thinking about you.

Before I jump into the messages you should be sending your guy, I want to first talk a bit about the types of text messages you shouldn’t send him, because believe me, even if you send him the most heavenly texts, the wrong ones can be huge deal breakers.

For starters, the generic “hey, hello, or what’s up” texts. These messages suck because they don’t do anything to stir up emotion in your guy, and not to mention they make you seem incredibly boring.

While I’m talking about these dull messages, it’s also worth mentioning that sending your man updates on your every move isn’t a good idea either. Believe me, as much as you think it’s the end of the world that the coffee shop is out of your favourite bagel, or how you’re feeling bloated from your weekend of partying, he doesn’t care, nor does he want to know. Sure, you may be smitten, but you’re not doing yourself any favours by sending these mundane types of text messages

Same goes for sending him “what are you up to messages.” Why? Because if he doesn’t willingly tell you what he’s doing then it’s probably because he doesn’t feel it’s worth sharing. When you send him these kind of text messages it’ll seem like a chore for him to respond to you… which is 100% the opposite of what you want if you’re looking to make him obsessed with you.

And at all costs avoid sitting around, staring at a black screen, desperately waiting for him to reply to you. This is important for a couple reasons. First, if you respond too quickly it will give him the impression that you’re sitting around, waiting to hear from him. Second, it comes across as clingy, and third, responding too quickly implies that you have no life outside of him and the relationship.

To prevent this from happening, keep busy! By doing so it’ll help you fight the urge to text him back too soon, and not to mention, it’ll give you something new to tell him about when he asks how your day was. In those scenarios where you don’t have much happening when he texts, still make a point to hold back for at least a few minutes to give him the impression that you’re busy with other things. Not making his text messages your number one priority will give you time to do other things that keep you active and happy, and time to properly think about your response. Of course if you’re in the middle of a conversation with him, or he asks you a question that is time sensitive and needs a quick reply, then don’t leave him hanging. If you do, you risk coming across as self-centered or rude. Be respectful of his needs, too.

Before I move on to the juicy part of this video it’s also important to mention how much of an impact grammar has on your relationship. If you’re text messages are littered with misspelt words or lack common sense, then that’s going to be a huge turn off for him, and let’s face it, you’re not going to look like the brightest crayon in the box. So save yourself the embarrassment and make sure that you read over and edit your text where necessary.

Don’t think this is a real issue? Just Google search it and you’d be amazed at some of the cringeworthy misspellings you find. Or, learn from my friend’s experience. He was seeing a girl who would text “hoo,” as in “H-O-O” when referring to “who” as in “W-H-O.” He tried giving her the benefit of the doubt, and hoped it was just a strange auto-correct or voice to text memo, but after she sent him the same misspelt version of “hoo” multiple times, he realized that he couldn’t be with someone.

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  1. It worked! I said what are you wearing.. 20 min later he said boxers wbu… I think I won’t answer back right away.. I’ll make him wait a while 😉

  2. I'll definitely try this one 😂 I'm starting to like a guy more than I should and I wanna make secure that the feeling is mutual. Any suggestions? Hahaha

  3. Ho i have a chrus on a familie friend who kissed me when i was little i want to texst him but how do i strart a conversasion whit him among these things and stuf

    Sorry i can type english I AMM BAD…

  4. I’m currently 14 years old and i’m dating a guy the same age as me.. We only see each other once or twice a week in church but we have loved each other since sixth grade.. I’m still young so i can’t use any of the texts you mentioned in your video… Maybe you can help me send him a text that’s age appropriate and would make him obsess over me? Please 🙂

  5. Since u didn't talk about cooking for him, am never cooking for this man. I will buy a bikini and get ready with my Emojis

  6. I have a lot of guys I am talking to from online and they text me all day! What can I do to make them call instead? These texts are so annoying.

  7. Watching this during Corona time…but I have NOTHING to do and he ls still working and he knows that im not at school so? What do i do?

  8. Mine is like "I am telling you to only reply me when am online otherwise I'll won't chat✌️"😂I just love him the way he is ❣️

  9. Is it possible to get a guy interested again after you have made all the wrong moves and he has lost interest

  10. I want your book now but iam a student i don't have card and bank account plz upload it free if u want really that girls should be halped then the real help is to upload book without any cost plz i need this book text chemistry

  11. I need help XD

    So he asked me out but he said he JUST wanted to see my reaction. Also I watched a video called “how to know if he likes you” and he did all those signs.
    So I asked my friends to go up to him and ask if he likes me, and he said no. But I still think that he likes me… Any help? 😂

  12. Text when you want to.

    If you are texting with someone so much that it is interfering with your day to day activities and causing you to fumble your responsibilities, then yes: you are likely texting too much. This isn’t always the case.

    Wouldn’t you rather be in a relationship where you don’t have to constantly worry about putting on a face for someone?

    Wouldn’t you rather just be your own authentic self *and be loved for that*, not in spite of it?

    Isn’t that scenario better than superficial and shallow games that shatter like glass when any natural turbulence and conflict arises?

  13. I don’t want to “obsess” over anyone. That is very unhealthy.

    There is a significant different between actually loving someone and just being “in love”.

    “If the telephone rings at three in the morning, the last voice you want to hear is that of a loved one. But when you’re in love, that’s the first voice you want to hear.”

  14. I have made mistakes by sending the texts that you mentioned not to send, I feel like I already killed the spark, what can I do now?

  15. PLEASE HELP! I met a guy who flirted with me once ( sweet talking, holding hands😕, kissing cheek..) I texted him first, we talked a bit saying we are single blah blah and then he didn’t send me again or talked to me should I send him to find out if he’s really into me and ask if he wanna go out( maybe he’s shy ?) or just let it go ? 💁‍♀️

  16. I just cant get him.
    Super hot chemistry
    Super hot love a
    Then boom ghost me responds occasionally after 3 months
    Acts interested then days without a hi


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